Travel, or not


Rising costs etc means it looks like we can’t make our planned trip to Argentina until January. Still going to book the flights next month, but need more time to save for the rest.

Hoping to take a short break somewhere in Europe in between – would love to go to St Petersburg but can only take a long weekend and I’d like to spend more time there, so another time.

Any suggestions? I really haven’t seen any of Eastern Europe except Vilnius so open to that, though I’d love to go to southern Italy which might still be quite warm in October.

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  1. machiruda says:

    I voted other – as I think somewhere like Krakow would be great too! Maybe not warm, exactly, but a really beautiful town, interesting places to see, good restaurants and pubs.

    I’ve also heard really good stories about Budapest, so that’d be my #2. Or somewhere else in Eastern Europe, Sofia, maybe? Or Prague?

  2. Susan says:

    I can comment on Lisbon after we get back. But Italy is always gorgous!

  3. chosesautres says:

    Machi, Krakow sounds interesting. Think it will depend on where the cheapest flights are too!
    (Most of them fly out of Luton or Stansted which cost about £50 for me to travel to!)

    Cookie, let me know what you think of LIsbon, been considering going there for a while now.

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