When in doubt, buy plane tickets


I think that should be my new mantra, though it could get expensive!

After comparing all the various options (it never ceases to amaze me how you can get a multi-stop open-jaw ticket with 6 flights cheaper than a return flight to one city. I don’t understand airline pricing, but I’m not complaining when we get such a good deal!), we’ve booked our flights for Argentina.

London – Sao Paolo – Igaussu Falls – Asuncion – big loop through Argentina overland – out of Buenos Aires with a day in Rio on the way back. 17 days in all in February, which is the end of summer.

The general plan is two days at Igaussu to see both the Brazilian and Argentinian sides of the falls, then fly to Asuncion in Paraguay and stop there for a night. From there we can get a bus to Salta (though the advice on border controls seems to vary on where you read it). From then on we have nine days to work our way down through north-west Argentina from Salta to Mendoza. Night bus across to Buenos Aires for a couple of days and then home via Rio for a day.

I can’t wait and only wish that Feb wasn’t so far away!

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  1. Karen says:

    This sounds amazing! Way to boost up some reserves of confidence and anticipation.

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