Take it easy…the art of slow travel

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This post on Wild Junket inspired me to think about slow travel, and how long it is since I’ve done some. Last year’s trip to Kenya was short and action-packed, flitting from the Gede ruins to Tsavo for a safari, sailing the mangrove creeks and visiting Hell’s Kitchen (also known as the Marafa depression).

This year I’m planning a trip to Sri Lanka for 16 days (next month in fact!) and planning to take things slow. Still have an idea of where we want to go, but we are using one place on the coast as a base, rather than moving round every couple of days.Riding the country’s railways into the tea plantations in the hill country sounds like the perfect introduction. It’ll be good to kick back and enjoy the scenery at a leisurely pace.

So what’s your view on slow travel – is it something you enjoy? What’s been your best slow travel experience?

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  1. machiruda says:

    Love travelling slowly – seeing the world at a normal pace, at the pace where it is moving itself. Just home from the ultimate slow travel: a walking trip. Four days of Dutch coast, going at the speed of my own legs to take in everything that comes past.

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