When to talk about travel (and when to keep quiet)

I mostly write about travel on my site. I guess you don’t mind reading about it, otherwise you wouldn’t be here!

Mainly I write so I can look back months or years later and unearth all those great, half-buried, memories. I don’t really write practical travel guides on where to get the cheapest cup of chai or if that 1st class sleeper train in Sri Lanka is worth paying the extra for (it really isn’t, since you asked). There are plenty of excellent travel sites out there who do just that very well (As We Travel is a good one).

But I also write here because, mostly, a lot of people in my everyday life simply aren’t interested about hearing about trips they haven’t taken themselves. I’m lucky that a couple of my friends are, and I hang out on a travel site where I chat about travel whenever I like.

But if you haven’t got the time, money or enough holiday days to travel, it’s understandable if you don’t want to hear about the amazing places someone else has seen. (Of course, there are some people who have no interest in anywhere outside their own backyard, which is a mindset that baffles me a little).

There is a theme among some (but definitely not all) travel bloggers, especially those on a RTW trip, that anyone who doesn’t travel inevitably leads a soul-destroying life, slaving away in an office. Which is just as patronising and inflexible as those people who scratch their heads and don’t understand why you are ‘wasting’ your money on travel, isn’t it?

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