Happy New Year!


It’s a bright new year with lots of exciting things coming up. I can’t wait for the Olympics which are happening right here in the UK. We have tickets for the basketball but I’m more excited to go and watch the cycling road races, especially to see if Mark Cavendish can win a home gold!

My travel plans for the year are still up in the air, mostly, but there are two things to look forward to already. A trip back to my favourite part of the UK, the Scottish Highlands in May, staying right on Loch Lomond. I love that part of the world and the dramatic scenery.

And next month we will be off to Jordan for a few days! Never been to the Middle East before but when we spotted that a well known budget airline flies there it suddenly became an option. A number of travel bloggers have been fortunate enough to visit there over the last year so I feel well-informed at least!

What are your travel plans for 2012? Anything new on the horizon?

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