Kulminator, Antwerp’s quirkiest beer cafe

Hulminator beer cafe, Antwerp

Photo credit – Flickr Creative Commons

Looking for somewhere different to drink during your Antwerp city trip? Look no further than Kulminator, a small bar tucked away down a side street in Antwerp that resembles nothing more than someone’s front room. Piled with papers and knicknacks, you get the feeling not much has changed in all the years the landlords have run this place. With somewhere between 600 and 800 bottled beers available at one time, it’s hard to know where to start when choosing off the menu. Handily the beers are split up into types (dubbel, tripel etc) but there were still 10 framboos (raspberry) beers for me to choose from.


Raspberry beer

Prices are reasonable (especially by  UK standards) considering you are paying for specialist craft and Trappist beers. The cosy seating arrangements mean it’s almost impossible to avoid sparking up a conversation with your neighbour; we meet a  US State department official on vacation before his new deployment in South Africa!

Reports on TripAdvisor suggest the owner sometimes decides to lock the door and not let any new people in once he decides the bar is busy enough, so get here early!

Kulminator is located at Vleminckveld 32, about a 10-15 minutes walk from the old town.



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