Flamingos, llamas and salt lakes – a Salar de Surire photoblog


Salar de Surire

Salar de Surire is a dazzling small salt flat in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile, about halfway between Iquique and Arica. Although not as large or impressive as Salinas Grandes in north-west Argentina (which remains one of my favourite-ever travel days), it’s home to a large population of three species of flamingo, including the black-tipped wings of the Chilean flamingo.

Salar de Surire

If you arrive early enough you’ll have the place to yourself and have the chance to wander amongst the herd of llamas who graze the salty vegetation alongside the lake.

Salar de Surire

No need for a llama (sorry ;)

Salar de Surire

Salar de Surire

Salar de Surire

Me and my husband at Salar de Surire

How to visit Salar de Surire

Salar de Surire can be visited in a day trip from either Iquique or Arica – we travelled from Iquique and included a stop for lunch and delicious fruit slushie in a desert oasis village.

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  1. Rhonda Albom says:

    I hope to get to the Atacama Desert within the year. The wildlife (and herded llamas) look incredible.

  2. It looks so nice and peaceful! Love how the llama is sporting something colorful for the day :D

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