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Hi, I’m Claire. Thanks for stopping by at Saltwater!

This site is inspired by my travels and the belief that while not everyone can take a year off to travel the world, there’s a lot you can fit into two or three weeks. From South America to Sri Lanka, Saltwater takes you around the world to inspire a little wanderlust.

South America was my first love and was my travel dream for many years – in fact I’ve been five times (soon to be six)! Although I haven’t backpacked the classic ‘gringo trail’ of Peru and Bolivia, I’ve travelled across Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Paraguay and the rarely-visited Bolivian Pantanal since I turned 30.

If you’re looking for travel inspiration for your South American trip, practical tips and lesser visited spots, Saltwater is a great place to start!

Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

Salvador – one of my favourite cities in Brazil

I’m a part-time traveller who works full-time, so I understand the challenges of making the most of your annual leave/holiday allowance. I also studied abroad for a year in the South of France whilst at uni and I’m a real advocate for studying or working abroad for a while if you get the chance.

Saltwater is a place to share my travel stories and those of the people I meet.

I love colourful, vibrant, quirky places, am a city girl at heart but love wide open spaces and dramatic mountains and I’m happiest by the sea.

Travel inspiration from around the world

Just a taste of the kind of inspiration you’ll find on Saltwater – I hope something will spark your curiousity and make you want to see more of the world!

Visiting Tana Toraja – an unforgettable stop on your Sulawesi trip

Adventures in the Bolivian Pantanal

Pope fever in Santa Cruz, Bolivia


At Laguna Diamante, Argentina with my husband

Want to know more about somewhere I’ve travelled? Drop me a line on the form below or leave me a comment, I’ll be happy to help!

You can also find me on social media here (fair warning, if you follow me on Twitter you’ll find a lot of tweets about cycling, music and other non-travel related subjects ;)

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