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Kanyakumari, the southern tip of India

India is not an easy place to get a grasp on in a few days. From the crowded southermost tip at Kanyakumari to the relatively chilled-out streets of Fort Cochin, it’s a puzzle and not a place I find easy to write about. And if the south is supposedly India’s laidback cousin, I can’t even imagine the crowds elsewhere. But…


10 Kerala photos to tide you over

It’s nearly two months since I came back from Kerala, and I haven’t written anything about it. Well, that’s not strictly true. I’ve started a couple of drafts, I’ve though about the places I’d like to share, but somehow it’s just not flowing…yet. So, in the meantime, I’m sharing ten of my favourite Kerala photos as a little taster of…

Kerala backwaters- Creative Commons-Amit Rawat


Image source: Amit Rawat- Flickr Creative Commons It’s not been the easiest year. Travel is an escape, although not one that everyone can afford. Right now I need that change of scenery. It’s been a dark, dreary November without much sunlight (although we’re doing better than Stockholm with only 1.8 hrs!). Light, colour and warmth are what I need. So…