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A taste of Jordan (something I didn’t post in 2012)

Sometimes I don’t feel like writing about a place at the time. Sometimes it seems like there is so much out there about a particular location that I’m not sure what I have to add. But I still like to look back at photos of these places, so here are a few from 2012. All from Jordan, coincidentally. Looking out…

From Kerak to Azraq – castles of Jordan

Castles are a favourite of mine. I grew up visiting some of the fantastic castles on the North Wales coast like Beaumaris, Caernarfon and Conwy. Castles fire my imagination while stately homes do nothing for me; even today when I’m old enough to appreciate them, they are too staid for me. The most striking thing about Kerak is its location,…

The castle on the hill

Ajloun, Jordan, February 2012 Lots to catch up on but for now here’s a photo from my recent trip to Jordan. My favourite castle, because of the great views and the archaeologist who showed us round.