A little musical interlude

I like to listen to a little of the music of places I travel to before I go. This Seu Jorge track was one of my favourites during my trip back in 2009, but I sadly left my CD walkman (retro) on a long-distance bus with this CD in it. It popped into my head…

Keeping the faith…priceless

Ah Italia 90…does not seem like 20 years ago. Happy days. Of course we were always going to end up playing Germany this time if we got through. Sunday seems set up for a nice lazy bbq and then the match.

Under African skies

Under African skies – Paul Simon and Miriam Makeba In just a few short hours, the World Cup kicks off in South Africa. Haven’t looked forward to a World Cup so much since Italia 90. They are re-releasing Nessum Dorma as well, one of the sounds of Italia 90.

90s nostalgia

Santana feat. Eagle Eye Cherry – Wishing it Was. Supernatural was a great album, part of the soundtrack to my year at uni in France. Above all the following track. Happy days…

Music is the answer…isn’t it?

It’s strange sometimes being with someone for whom music is a nice distraction, but nothing more. I’d never classify myself as a music obsessive, a trainspotter with all my albums catalogued neatly a la Rob Fleming in High Fidelity (though I remember reading that book in my late teens and loving it. Great movie too)….