Five landscapes you have to see on your South American trip

South America isn’t short of spectacular landscapes, many of which I’ve been lucky enough to visit over the past ten years. Stunning salt flats, dramatic table-top mountains, thousands of waterfalls and snow-capped volcanoes, there’s something for everyone. Not to mention the world’s longest river, the Amazon which drifts through thousands of acres of primary rainforest….

Adventures in the Bolivian Pantanal

“We usually eat them whole, with our hands.”   She mimed chomping across the bony flesh, then gestured to the knife and fork on the table. “But you can use those.” Piranhas have a fearsome reputation but most of the time they’re harmless enough. Just don’t get into the water with them during mating season….

My first travel video, the BBC and World Travel Market

In the spirit of trying new things, I’ve made my first travel video! It’s highlights of my trip to Bolivia and Brazil this summer, set to one of my favourite tracks. Hope you like it, feedback welcome! I made the video with a free video editing app called KineMaster, which I heard about on a…

Travel resources – plan a great South American trip

As another email drops into my inbox offering a two-week trip to South America for an eye-watering £3500 (without flights), it’s little wonder so many people think it’s out of their price range. It’s true that some of these companies offer a reliable, tailored approach which takes the stress out of planning for first-time visitors….

Top five amazing meals around the world

1. Surubi (a type of catfish) at Bolsi in Asuncion, Paraguay. 2. Tea and cake at Skonis ir Kvapas in Vilnius, Lithuania. A cosy little cellar-like tearoom, it even sells beautiful painted cups that are a million miles from twee Royal Doulton china. Visit in winter and the city takes on a magical quality, the…

Random photo generator

Still on the World Cup theme, Paraguay play Italy on Monday night. This picture was taken at dawn in the Paraguayan Chaco.

We’re not in Kansas anymore

There was something of a surreal edge to our time in Paraguay. The Brazil/Paraguay border lies across a bridge from Foz to Ciudad del Este, and was the one border I was worried about crossing. Possibly the shabbiest-looking official border offices so far – a million miles from the shiny new offices at the Venezuelan…