Five landscapes you have to see on your South American trip

South America isn’t short of spectacular landscapes, many of which I’ve been lucky enough to visit over the past ten years. Stunning salt flats, dramatic table-top mountains, thousands of waterfalls and snow-capped volcanoes, there’s something for everyone. Not to mention the world’s longest river, the Amazon which drifts through thousands of acres of primary rainforest….

An old favourite, now in living colour (Canaima and Angel Falls)

Way back in the mists of time (ok, 2007) when I started this travel blog, it was more of a travel diary, notes copied from my trusty Moleskine. Although we travelled with an SLR, it wasn’t digital. So for some reason, the photos from my first trip to South America remained in an elusive Flickr…

Travel resources – plan a great South American trip

As another email drops into my inbox offering a two-week trip to South America for an eye-watering £3500 (without flights), it’s little wonder so many people think it’s out of their price range. It’s true that some of these companies offer a reliable, tailored approach which takes the stress out of planning for first-time visitors….

Canaima and Salto Angel

The tiny Cessna which flies us into Canaima is a bumpy ride through the clouds. The view is spectacular, stretching first across plains, then forest palms, savannah, tepuis and then the stunning lagoon of Canaima with its many waterfalls. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A short canoe ride takes us to Isla Anatoly, named after a Russian who lived…

Across the border, Venezuela

After a day in dusty Boa Vista, a bus takes us over the border into Venezuela. The border crossing is an interesting place. After driving for hundreds of miles and barely seeing any cars on the road, the bustling roadside halt of Pacaraima appears at the top of a winding road up a hill. Lorry…