50 hours on buses

All long-distance buses are not the same. Having read various things about the comfy seats which almost fully recline (in cama at least), bingo and films I was quite optimistic when we arrived in Resistencia to catch our first overnight bus all the way up to Jujuy in northwest Argentina. Here’s a tip for free…if you’re on Flechabus and cama is downstairs, you might as well go for semi-cama because it’s not that great being on the same floor as the bathroom, and it’s not that comfortable anyway.

Flechabus was a bit of an anomaly though – all the other bus companies we took were fine and Andesmar from Mendoza to Buenos Aires was the best. Not only did we get bingo with prizes of wine but edible hot food (a novelty believe me) and even a glass of champagne. Can’t imagine that on National Express.

Take some music and books too though – Big Momma’s House 1 and 2 were served up as entertainment on one bus and they’re not improved by dubbing into Spanish!

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