Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires wasn’t an amazing city for me, but I think we didn’t really have enough time to discover it properly, or even see all the things I wanted to.* We only had two full days and spent half a day taking the boat over to pretty Colonia in Uruguay. Which meant we missed out on La Boca, the parks including the Jardin Japones (which was already closed when we wanted to visit on the way back from the ferry), the bookstores…it seems like a city which would really reward more time spent there discovering the different areas, taking in the supposedly amazing nightlife and so on.

As our bus drove through the city on the way to the terminal what struck me was how green things looked – lots of parks and open spaces and beautiful trees… even though some were starting to fade at the end of summer there were still shocks of pink and yellow everywhere. We had a stroll round the centre, San Telmo and Palermo Viejo…San Telmo didn’t grab me like I thought it would, maybe I’ve seen too many restored colonial buildings to appreciate the elegantly wasted look here, maybe it was the fact that a number of the streets were being dug up to fix the drains.

I loved Palermo Soho where we splashed out on this place. Although the rooms are pretty small and maybe a bit overpriced, it’s worth it for the great location and the gorgeous cafe bar (caipirinhas up to Brazilian standards :) and courtyard spaces, very boutiquey and not something I could afford back home.

* Maybe there is something in this about who you visit a place with. J thought that two days was more than enough, but isn’t much of a big city person.

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  1. ayngelina says:

    I think for a lot of people who travel in South America, Buenos Aires isn’t very impressive. I had an apartment there and even spending 6 weeks there I wouldn’t really recommend it over other places in South America or Argentina.

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