Five things I can’t travel without

In the spirit of my upcoming trip to Sri Lanka, I’ve been getting a few bits and pieces together. None of which will actually be packed till the day before, but you know, it’s the thought that counts ;)

1. Moleskine plain reporter notebook. I know a lot of people think Moleskine is pretentious, but I don’t care. This is the perfect format for scribbling down a few notes and memories, addresses and so on. I also just invested in their travel journal which is fab.

2. Short wave radio or CD walkman with radio. Many happy hours have been killed in airports listening to the local FM stations. I don’t always understand the language (thought French is useful in a few places and I have some rusty Spanish) but I love hearing what’s popular around the world. Plus Sports Report on the BBC World Service is perfect if you can’t get to a computer to check the football scores.

3. Good sunscreen, 97% aloe vera gel and a hat. Been badly sunburnt before, not happening again.

4. Something to read and music for long bus journeys.

5. Tiny canvas shoulder bag which looks cheap, is big enough for some cash and a couple of essentials and has (touch wood) never been nicked.

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