Bahia highlights

I’m taking my time (ok, procrastinating) over my Bahia posts. Not sure why, but somehow I feel that once I commit the words to paper, the trip is finally out of reach. But I wanted to post a few photos to highlight places that you really shouldn’t miss if you get the chance to visit Bahia. I’ll write more soon, promise!

Salvador – vibrant, musical, vital heart of Bahia. By night it may be more than a little sketchy, but by day the jewel-box colours entice you in.

Baia de Camamu – there’s something about being on the water. Spend a day floating around the tiny islands and stopping at sand-street villages in one of the largest bays in the country. Unspoilt is an overused word, but this comes close. Plenty of boat trips leave from Camamu town.

Meet Mr Sloth – this may not fit your definition of essential, but ever since I saw a sloth in the wild in Mamiraua, I find them hard to resist. CEPLAC, near Ilheus, is home to a sloth recovery centre which rehabilitates injured sloths before releasing them into the surrounding forest.

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