Just as good second time around? Heading back to the rainforest in Ecuador

Yasuni national park - credit sara y tzunky - Flickr creative commons

Photo credit: sara y tzunky (Flickr creative commons)

This summer I’ll be visiting a new country, Ecuador. Definitely looking forward to seeing some more Andean scenery, volcanoes and visiting Quito.

But one element of our plans had me hesitating for weeks – visiting a remote jungle lodge in the Oriente. It’s not from any fear of insects or the lack of electricity (ok, that does bug me a little bit). It’s more the fact that the first time I travelled to South America, I spent an unforgettable few days in Mamiraua in the Brazilian Amazon, and I’m not sure this will live up to the memories.

Would you go back to the same place twice, or somewhere similar? Are you all about new experiences or is it worth going back, as no two visits are the same?

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