There’s always more to see

Humahuaca at noon

‘There is always more to see’

An advertising slogan for a BBC TV channel caught my eye the other day.

It really chimed with me because sometimes people ask why I keep travelling. ‘Haven’t you seen all of South America now?’ (No, just a tiny fraction).

I remember the first time I stepped on a plane to South America. I couldn’t contain my excitement – finally visiting a place I’d dreamed of for years. Landscapes beyond my wildest imagination – looming tepuis, multi-coloured rocks, searingly white salt flats. Falling in love with one country and returning three times so far.

Not everywhere lives up to your expectations, and sometimes that travel spark fades a little. After my first week in Ecuador I was disappointed a little. But the second week turned it around again. Maybe we expect everything to be perfect too much these days – instant gratification and the perfect shot to post on social media. But life isn’t like that, and at the end of the day I like a little grit.

There is always more to explore. Always something new to discover.

My next trip will be to Colombia at the end of January, thanks to an unbelievable flight deal – look out for a post on that soon.

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  1. yerkeh says:

    Reblogged this on Tanjong Gila and commented:
    Totally relate

  2. Definitely agree with you on this! There are some places I keep returning to so that I can explore more. Also, I see something new every time I’m in London and I’m there every day for work :P

    Emily x

    1. Claire says:

      Thanks for stopping by Emily! I don’t get to London that often and always think there’s still loads there to discover.

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