Five gorgeous Scottish drives

Scotland is home to some stunning scenic drives – many of which can also be accessed partly by public transport.

Although I don’t drive, I’m lucky enough to usually visit with family members who do.

Here are some of my favourite drives on the west coast of Scotland.

Glen Fruin across to Garelochead

Glen Fruin

Photo credit- Cok Francken – Flickr Creative Commons

I love the glens in Scotland because you never know what you’ll find; narrows valleys, wide vistas or waterfalls. Glen Fruin is a great drive along narrow sheep-filled roads with passing places, and the hillsides are covered in bright yellow gorse in spring.

Join the road before Luss on the A82 along Loch Lomond. Glen Fruin follows a winding route and comes out just before Garelochead, opposite the naval base at Faslane.

Loch Long, the Arrochar Alps and Loch Fyne

Loch Long

Photo credit – Robert Orr – Flickr Creative Commons

There’s many a pretty loch in this part of the world, but this sea loch is one of my favourites. There’s something about the mountains, pretty villages and the water that combine to make this part of Loch Long special.

Once you reach Arrochar, take the A85 over the Arrochar Alps up into Glen Finglas and over the Rest and Be Thankful. This road is often closed in winter so check the weather before you set out.

As you reach the end of the glen you’ll see signs for Ardkinglas, a stunning hillside garden full of rhododendrons just before Loch Fyne – well worth a visit!

Falls of Dochart

Falls of Dochart

Photo credit – Michael – Flickr creative commons

Not so much a drive through as a drive to, the Falls of Dochart are the centrepoint of the small village of Killin, just off the A85 near the foot of Loch Tay. The falls are spectacular after heavy rain.

Glen Etive

Glen Etive waterfalls

Another of my favourite glens where we used to go for picnics by the side of the river. Glen Etive has been described as  ‘Scotland’s best canoeing river’ and the white water rushes over the falls mid-way along the glen.

Glen Coe and Rannoch Moor

Glen Coe

The epic Scottish drive. If you’re looking for the scenery from the final scenes of Skyfall, you’re in the right place. The road across Rannoch Moor is bleak and threatening, but dramatic. As the journey ends in Glen Coe, reward yourself with a piece of cake at the visitor centre and find out more about the history of this awe-inspiring landscape.

Glencoe, Scotland

 Do you have a favourite drive in Scotland? Share your tips in the comments!

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    Wonderful landscapes. They seem perfect for a couple of days of relax and forgetting about problems.

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