A night on a Dutch navy ship


It’s not often I spend a Friday night surrounded by tall Dutch sailors, but who am I to turn down a golden opportunity to spend some time on a visiting Dutch naval ship?

(Don’t worry, my Dutch husband was the reason for the invite, so I kind of had to take him along which limited the possibilities of running off with a sailor ;)


How often do you get to chat to a serving marine, a former Dutch Consul and a naval officer who delivered a new ship to Chile in one evening?

I guess this proves why you shouldn’t turn down invites. Usually I’m the one on the edge of a crowd of new people, but at times like this my inner writer takes over and I want to find out their stories/points of view! Unsurprisingly among a crowd of Dutch expats married to Brits, there was quite a bit of talk about Brexit and the possible impact on people living here…


This makes it two unexpected ship invitations in a few months, after my tour of the Emerald Princess back in September! I’ve always found ports fascinating – seeing the enormous towers of shipping containers piled up on the dockside always makes me wonder where they will end up being shipped off to.

Where’s the most unusual place you’ve spent a Friday night?


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