This is it

T minus not enough hours… a little nervous but I’m sure once I get on the plane this evening I’ll be fine.

So, a whistlestop idea of where we’re heading:

– flying into Sao Paolo, and straight onto Manaus, where we’ll be for a couple of days. Love the sound of the floating dock and the markets.
– 5 days at a floating lodge in the heart of the Amazon, near the border with Peru/Colombia. Will be taking lots of pictures and no doubt wishing I was a better photographer ;)
– then back to Manaus and on via plane to the north of Brasil, and over the border to Venezuela by coach
– head up to Ciudad Bolivar and then Canaima and Angel Falls.

Can’t quite believe I’m off to all these places. In that state of delicious, slightly nervous anticipation right now. All these years I’ve wanted to go to South Amercia, and now I’m finally doing it.

It’s all good :)

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  1. chimera says:

    eek, how exciting – have a fabulous trip Iggy !

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