Tudo bem?


Iguacu, from my last visit in 2009

I’ve been quiet lately, swamped with things to do but also a trip to my favourite country to plan. Next month I’m going back to BRAZIL!
Not just any part of Brazil either, somewhere that has been on my wish list for a long time, Bahia.

I can’t wait to do some day hiking in the Chapada Diamantina, relax on the beach at Itacare, kayak, visit a sloth sanctuary and hopefully, if we are lucky, see Olodum in Salvador*

*to be honest, Salvador is the only part of the trip I’m a little nervous about and I’ll be taking my compact camera as well as the DSLR because of the many safety warnings about the Pelourinho.

We fly into Salvador in just over 5 weeks time and I can’t wait to get Brazil under my skin again.

Now, where did I put that phrasebook?

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