Capture the Colour, Bahia style

I’m not usually one for contests (or by the time I get round to entering the deadline has passed) but the ‘Capture The Colour’ photo competition from Travel Supermarket has me intrigued. There are some fantastic entries already and I have no illusions that I’ll win, but I thought it would be fun to round up some of my Bahia photos under this theme.


These ribbons, or fitas, come from the church of Senhor do Bonfim da Bahia. Seen throughout Bahia, but particularly in Salvador, they are linked to the candomble beliefs in the north-east of Brazil.

This site gives a detailed insight into the origins and traditions behind the ribbons, well worth a read.

Taken in Lencois, Bahia, June 2012


Just on the corner of Praca da Se sits a striking piece of sculpture, the ‘Cruz Caida’ or Fallen Cross, and a sweeping view of the bay below. It marks the spot where the original cathedral once stood, which was pulled down for a tram line in the 1930s.

Taken in Salvador, June 2012


Cachoeira is known for the number of woodcarvers who live and work there. Sometimes you might be lucky and see an artist at work right on the riverfront.

Taken in Cachoeira, June 2012


Among all the usual T-shirts, paintings and jewellery in the Pelourinho’s many souvenir shops, these caught my eye. Music is in the soul of this place.


One of my favourite images from this trip – you could call it ‘the morning after’, as it’s taken on the morning of the last day of the Sao Joao festivities in Salvador (which I plan to write about later).

I’d like to tag the people below and challenge you all to take part :)


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