Summer days in Sardinia

Cala Moresca Sardinia

Sardinia is a great place to slow down. We often pack our holidays full of things to do every day, but sometimes it’s just nice to relax. So a four-night break in June was perfect to unwind a bit.

We stayed on the east coast of Sardinia at Arbatax for three nights, filling our time with a boat trip to beaches and a grotto and a trip to some local Nuraghi (bronze-age homes).

Golfo de Oresei Sardinia

I couldn’t find much about Arbatax online but to me it was the perfect little village for a holiday; set on a lovely bay with mountains and cliffs all around; a few bars and restaurants and of course a great gelato place! Arbatax is also the starting point for the Trenino Verde which travels up into the hills inland three times a week- you can book at the kiosk in town.

We stayed at the Arbatax Park Resort which had access to the lovely Cala Moresca, a perfect Mediterranean cove surrounded by red rocks, ideal for swimming. The water around Sardinia is really clear! I’m not really a big fan of resorts but this one was like a Sardinian village, all old stone cottages and it was beautifully landscaped.

Cagliari Sardinia

Our last day was spent in the capital, Cagliari. I loved it. Although it’s fairly small, once you get up the hill to the old town, Castello (tip: there are two elevators if you can find them) it’s a lovely place to wander around, full of small medieval lanes, old churches and pretty, colourful buildings in shades of burnt yellow, orange and pink. If you walk out to the Bastione de San Remy you’ll find a great view over the city and the bay. Hundreds of flamingos fly over the city from one of the salt lakes at sunset and this is an ideal spot to watch it.

Cagliari Sardinia

Cagliari Sardinia

Walk down into the lower part of the town (towards the station) and you’ll discover the town’s Roman amphitheatre. It’s not as impressive as some but still worth a look. I wasn’t so impressed with the Botanical Gardens but I think I’ve been completely spoiled by Rio’s last year!

Cagliari Sardinia

There are plenty of places to eat and small bars to have a drink in in the district just down from the old town by the water. You could also catch the bus out to Poetto, the long city beach which has plenty of nightlife.



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  1. Those Roman ruins look a little sad! They definitely need some TLC! Your resort sounds so relaxing! #WanderfulWednesday

  2. Sarah says:

    Gorgeous! I would love to visit Sardinia some day.

  3. Lydia C. Lee says:

    Gorgeous. What is it with the elephants? They’re all over Italy!

  4. Debbie says:

    Looks like a charming place to slow down and enjoy. Gorgeous!!

  5. Rhonda Albom says:

    The area looks lovely and peaceful. Boat trips to the beach and around the coast sound like my kind of summer fun.

  6. We visited Sardiniain May. We were mostly around Olbia and in the mountains. There is so much we have to see next time. #weekendwanderlust

  7. Paul Healy says:

    Sardina looks like a great place to visit, it sounds so relaxing. Hope to make it there sometime soon. Thanks for sharing.

  8. A lovely post Claire. Am a regular traveller to Sardinia as I love the simplicity and beauty of the island. Thanks for sharing! I am a Creative Life Coach with a poetry blog and today’s post features Rondelets in case you have time to look?

    I am also on Instagram as #coachingcreatively, let’s follow each other if you use this medium? You can also find me on Facebook under Sam Allen wearing a bright red and orange hat!

    I love connecting with fellow creatives and travellers as you can see!

    Sunny greetings from Switzerland!

    Sam :)

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