a man walks into a bar…

I will update this with my Vilnius tales soon- just grabbing a few minutes of net time here.

Just a small thing that bugs me. Hotel bars. Business hotel bars. Odd places.

Was sitting in the bar last night before heading out, and there was a small party in there. One Irish guy, three Lithuanians (two guys, one girl). Obviously all business people.

The Irish guy spends about 20 minutes comparing Ireland to Lithuania (he’s had a few drinks judging by how loud he was talking i.e. I could hear him clearly across the room. He then gets onto the subject of how the English opppresed the Irish (no doubt) and then says ‘and the English are still all arseholes now’.

Excuse me? Write a whole nation off based on events that happened a fair while ago why don’t you? This is akin to me saying “WW2- and that’s why all Germans are w****rs”.

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