Trains, taxis and trolleybuses

Kaunas. In a taxi en route to the station. Our driver is just as you’d expect, a hearty Lithuanian guy, chatting away happily about how green the town is in summer and how much he loves watching the Premier League- “Wayne Rooney- 2 goals- boom-boom”. I never knew there were 3 players from Kaunas playing for Rangers! Seems cabbies around the world are happy to discuss British footie.

He’s telling us how a few weeks ago it was -25C, even -30C in Kaunas. Too damn cold, and it makes you realise how close you are to Russia here.

Kaunas was markedly different to the capital. A bit more gritty, certainly less pretty but interesting in it’s own way.

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  1. iggy says:

    Apparently, the Lithuanians play for Hearts, but it’s a minor detail..

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